VLSB Facilities & Capacity

Valley Life Sciences Building

Valley Life Sciences Building

The Department of Integrative Biology will permit individuals or groups deemed by the Department to be consistent with the research and educational mission of the Department to rent or use Valley Life Sciences Building (VLSB) facilities it controls.

VLSB Courtyard

The VLSB courtyard is accessible from the second floor of the building; this is the main public access floor. The courtyard is adjacent to large General Assignment Classrooms 2040, and 2060 VLSB (capacity ~160 each, and 2050 VLSB (capacity ~425) which may be reserved through the Registrar's office when available. It also adjoins the Onderdonk Lobby (see below), the new Human Evolution interactive display, and the Wallace Atrium, home of VLSB's full-size Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton display.


Top view of VLSB courtyard

VLSB courtyard

VLSB courtyard

The courtyard contains a small number of outdoor tables and a few chairs only. Canopies, tables and chairs are available for rent from campus Special Events. The courtyard is approximately 6,000 usable sq ft. During the day, the south side is typically shady, and the north side in the sun, so you may select an area of the large courtyard that best suits your event and the day.

There is no protection from rain. Classrooms, labs, and offices surround the courtyard; amplified sound is not permitted at any time. The courtyard is locked other than 8 am-5 pm weekdays, so you will need to arrange for keys with VLSB management for events outside this time. Event organizers are responsible for clearing the courtyard of all persons at the end of their event (see additional information below).

The VLSB courtyard is available for exclusive use nights and weekends only; on weekdays the courtyard will be open to the public even if an event is scheduled there. During the day, Yali's Micro Cafe in the courtyard will be open for business. Yali's Micro Cafe is available for catering approved events in VLSB. Please contact Yali's Cafe directly at (510) 843-2233 for catering arrangements.

Poole Conference Room (2063 VLSB)

Poole Conference Room - 2063 VLSB

Poole Conference Room - 2063 VLSB

The Poole Conference Room adjoins both the VLSB courtyard and the Onderdonk Lobby; it has direct access to the courtyard. The room is set up with conference tables and chairs that may be configured in a number of different arrangements: one large conference table, lecture style rows of tables, theater style rows of seat with the tables removed, or reception style with chairs and tables removed to the sides.

The Poole Room is set up with an LCD projector, screen, speakers, network node and AirBears access, and a chalkboard. There is a small sink and small food prep area at the back of the room. Capacity: sitting: approximately 40; standing reception: approximately 100 800 sq ft.

Onderdonk Lobby

Onderdonk lobby

Onderdonk Lobby

The Onderdonk Lobby adjoins the east side of the VLSB courtyard, and lies between the courtyard and the large lecture rooms 2040, 2050, and 2060. The lobby houses the Golub Microscope collection, and Yali's Micro Cafe, which offers espresso, coffee, tea, pastries and sandwiches during the day when classes are in session. Yali's Micro Cafe is available for catering approved events in VLSB. Please contact Yali's Cafe directly at (510) 843-2233 for catering arrangements.

The lobby is a fire exit corridor; capacity and layout are strictly limited. Exact layout of any event must be approved by the VLSB Manager (Derek Apodaca, 2-2467 or Igor Kligman, 333-9523). Restrooms and a public pay phone are directly east of all three areas, between the Onderdonk Lobby and 2050 VLSB.

T-rex head

T-Rex skeleton

Other Areas of Interest within VLSB

The Wallace Atrium on the first floor of the building, in the center just west of the Courtyard, houses VLSB's full-size cast of an adult Tyrannosaurus Rex. The Human Evolution display on the second floor, in the center just west and south of the Courtyard, opened in the fall of 2008. It contains fossils, bones, interactive video and graphic displays explaining aspects of human evolution research based in the building.


Skeleton from Human Evolution Display

human evolution display

Human Evolution Display

While open to the public for viewing, this area is not available for any event.