Computer Support


Desktop support and computer purchasing for all users is now provided by Campus Shared Services (CSS).  Contact information is available on the right.

Campus Shared Services provides the following IT support services:

  • Device (desktop, laptop, iPhone, etc.) support
  • Campus Enterprise application support (bMail, bCal, BearBuy, UC Backup, etc.)
  • Device procurement and provisioning (purchasing and set up of new computers/devices)
  • Coordination with other technical support units (e.g., networking, security, etc.)
  • Administrative File Server support (e.g., add/remove users, connecting help)

You can contact CSS IT technicians through the CSS IT Service Desk at 510-664-9000 option 1 or at:

The following services are not being transitioned to CSS and will remain with BDS IT:

  • EML/CRL/IB/MCB websites
  • Instructional Classroom Support
  • Department-specific Database and Application Support
  • Ordering of Network connections

You can contact BDS IT staff at 510-643-5294 or at:

For answers to common questions about computing hardware, software and services, view the
Computing FAQ