Fly Food Facility




Supervisor: Alison Killilea (, office phone: 510-642-5956)
Lab Technician: Loida Pineda (

Ordering Information

Who can order
Anyone with a MCB Barker Storeroom account can order.  For questions relating to storeroom accounts please contact the storeroom by e-mail via or by phone at 510-642-1095 or 510-642-6739.
How to order
Food is dispensed to narrow polystyrene or wide resin vials, and to 6oz or 8oz polypropylene bottles. 
Please use the online order form to place your weekly order on Mondays by 3pm.
Please contact us by email at and
Approximate pricing for food (varies depending on type of closure used):
Wide vials $27.50/100 vials
Narrow vials $22/100 vials
Bottles $27/25 bottles
$43/40 bottles