Biosciences Divisional Services oversees two large storerooms (1 Barker Hall, 171 Weill Hall).  Items may be purchased and carried out in both locations.  New accounts are set up with a stockroom site manager in either location.  A computerized check-out system enables stockroom purchases to be recharged to your pre-approved chartstring on a monthly basis.  No cash is taken.

The Storerooms sell most standard reagents, glassware, lab supplies, disposables, and office supplies. In addition, the stockrooms specialize in non-radioactive reagents, restriction and modifying enzymes, purification kits and labeling kits. Vendors include New England Biolabs, Life Technologies, Qiagen, Fisher Scientific, Biorad, Rainin, Agilent, Office Max, Amazon and VWR, among many others. Non-stock items may be special ordered at each site. Stock on hand changes in response to customer needs. Please direct your requests to the stockroom manager if you would like to see an item carried.  While selection on hand varies slightly by location, items may be transferred between locations and our catalogs may be referenced from any location.


Barker Stockroom

Location: 1 Barker Hall
Hours: 8am-noon & 1-5pm Mon-Fri (24 hours access available)

Weill Hall Stockroom

Location: 171 Weill Hall
Hours: 8:45am-4:45pm Mon-Fri