IB Instruction and MCB Instructional Lab Support

Staff and support for undergraduate teaching laboratories is provided by both Integrative Biology and Molecular and Cell Biology.

Staff provide technical services for all aspects of laboratory instruction, including preparation of exercises, lab safety, maintenance of equipment and supplies and animal collection. In consultation with faculty, the staff run pilot experiments to introduce new exercises, demonstrate laboratory techniques to graduate student instructors, revise student lab manuals, develop new lab exercises and test their feasibility before use in the classroom. The staff also provides continuity and institutional memory for those courses which rotate faculty each semester.

Staff are divided into four groups headed by the indicated supervisors and supporting the following courses:

Integrative Biology

Supervisor - Tami Mau

MCB General Biology

Supervisor - Erol Kepkep

MCB Biochemistry, Biophysics & Structural Biology (BBS), Cell & Developmental Biology (CDB), Genetics, Genomics & Development (GGD), Immunology & Pathogenesis (IMP), and Neurobiology (NEU) Divisions

Supervisor - Fei Lin

  • MCB 32L - Introduction to Human Physiology Laboratory
  • MCB 133L - Cell and Developmental Biology Laboratory
  • MCB 137 – Computer Simulation in Biology
  • MCB 150L- Immunology Laboratory
  • MCB 160L - Neurobiology Laboratory
  • MCB 163 - Mammalian Neuroanatomy
  • MCB 110L – General Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Laboratory
  • MCB 140L – Genetics Laboratory

Specific course Information can be found here for: