HR Generalist | Academic Personnel

I'm an HR Generalist splitting my time between BDS and Psychology. Here in BDS, I work on the Academic Personnel/Services team, so I perform data entry, support our faculty in making sure employment transactions are processed, and work on many interesting ad hoc projects. In Psychology, I do a lot of hiring and support for graduate students. I love being in two departments and two regions (BEST and SHARE) because I get a broad overview of different processes, interact with individuals and teams from all over campus, and get a clearer sense of where I can grow my skills.

I'm a Cal alum, so it feels like I never quite left. I have my B.A. in Art History but was lucky enough to take a few MCB classes while I was here, so it's nice to see familiar names and faces. Before this, I worked at SFMOMA (answering the "what are you going to do with art history?" question) for about two years. I enjoyed it, but I'm ecstatic to be at Cal.

4 Quick Questions:

  1. What motivates you to get out of bed and come to campus each day?
    Everyone I work with greets each other with kindness, respect, and a great sense of humor. It's nice to feel good about the interactions you have at work.
  2. What is your favorite spot in Berkeley?
    Too many. On a clear night, I love driving to the Hill Terrace Parking Lot above Lawrence Hall and taking in the view.
  3. What do you like best about working at Berkeley?
    I enjoy being on the "other side." Having been a student here and now occupying a staff role, I have a greater appreciation for the entire spectrum of people on campus.
  4. If you could do it all again what job would you rather have?
    I would be an art advisor, i.e. someone that tells homeowners that something looks pretty in their house and then get paid for telling them that.

4 Quick Facts:

  1. Hometown? Upland, CA
  2. Cat or dog? Cats.
  3. Favorite T.V. Show? Can't pick one!
  4. Dream Vacation? I have a bucket list of museums I want to visit around the world.