Resources for Faculty


Faculty members may find the following BDS and CSS services useful:

Computer Support - help with computers and other IT services

Course Scheduling and Support - help with courses such as textbooks, evaluations, copy codes

Human Resources - employment and payroll resources for you and your hires (provided by CSS)

Purchasing and Reimbursements  - for reimbursements and for ordering lab equipment and supplies (provided by CSS)

Research Administration - budget analysis, proposal preparation, financial administration and management, and financial reporting (provided by CSS)

Seminar Scheduling and Support - help with seminars, retreats, faculty searches

Stockrooms - Barker Hall and Weill Hall on site store for lab supplies

Building Services and information
 - Barker Hall
 - Koshland Hall
 - Weill Hall
 - Valley Life Sciences Building (VLSB)

Administrative Contacts - To determine the names of administrative contacts for specific faculty members, follow the links below to the respective departmental directories and search for the faculty member.  Their administrative contact information will be at the bottom of their directory page.
- Integrative Biology Faculty Directory
- Molecular & Cell Biology Directory

The photo above is courtesy of Professor Roy Caldwell, Department of Integrative Biology.

The most complex eye in the animal kingdom.

Stomatopod crustaceans possess deadly raptorial appendages that can kill an opponent with a single blow.  With such lethal weapons comes the need for information about your opponent.  The visual system of stomatopods is the most complex known capable of sophisticated color discrimination.  This Odontodactylus cultrifer from Indonesia can also distinguish between right and left circularly polarized light and has evolved circularly polarized patches of cuticle to signal to members of the opposite sex.  No other animal is known to have such a "private" communication system.