Key Policy & Conditions

Key Issuance

  • Applications are available in room 3028 VLSB.
  • Completed and approved applications should be submitted to Igor Kligman in 3028 VLSB, or in his mailbox in 3040.
  • All key applications must have the correct authorized signature of the principal investigator (for Grad students, laboratory staff), supervisor (Museum, Instructional or Building) or Manager. Special access to areas such as the bike compound, fifth floor, field entrances, museum access must be detailed on the form and approved.
  • Brass keys in stock will be issued within 5 working days. If keys must be ordered from the lock shop, a longer delay may be experienced.
  • All keys will be issued by Igor Kligman in 3028 VLSB. Please wait until you have been contacted before attempting to pick up keys.

Key Deposits

  • Deposits are made at the time that keys are issued.
  • $25.00 for each brass key issued. Check or money order made payable to UC Regents are accepted as a deposit.
  • Because the money is refundable, deposits cannot be charged to grant funds.

Key Policy

  • All card keys issued by the VLSB Key Controller are the property of the Key Control Office and must be returned when your building employment/research has ended. If card keys are not returned, they will be deactivated without notice.
  • Lending or duplicating keys is in violation of the key agreement and may result in the loss of access privileges.
  • Lost or stolen card keys must be reported to the key controller immediately and a police report filed with the UCPD. Metal keys with serial codes must be reported to the UCPD before another key will be issued. This can be done over the phone by calling UCPD Business line @ 1-510-642-6760. A police report number is required before the lock shop will issue another key.
  • GSI keys for Teaching Labs and support spaces must be returned at the end of each semester to the key controller.