Bicycles in VLSB

Bicycles are prohibited from all areas of the VLSB building including:

  • public areas
  • classrooms and instructional laboratories
  • assigned units
  • offices
  • research labs and common support areas.


Bicycles cannot be parked in the entryway railings or in the handicap access ways to the building. Occupants are not to drill or attach hangers for bicycles or otherwise deface the building to accommodate bicycles.


Bicycles are prohibited from the VLSB with exception of the bicycle compound located at the West end of the building between LSA and VLSB. The bicycle compound is available to graduate students, staff and faculty assigned to the VLSB or the LSA. The compound is a fenced area equipped with racks, increased lighting, is under 24-hour taped surveillance by security camera and is protected by card reader. The compound will be locked down from public access 24 hours a day.

Bicyclists may enter from the exterior of the compound from the North end of the buildings, just east of the West Circle. Weill Hall and VLSB occupants can enter their buildings through the connecting tunnel using their pre-activated card keys.

For security and personal safety the compound should not be used as a regular pedestrian exit from the connector. Card key access to the compound is obtainable by the card key access form.

The Management Committees and the University accept no responsibility for the loss or damage of private property. This area is intended to provide greater security, but is not inviolate. Loss or damage of any property in the compound is the responsibility of the user.

Violators will be required to immediately remove bicycles from the building. Repeat violators will be identified and the issue taken up with the appropriate supervisor, Group/Unit manager or the Management Committee for reprimand. Violations of Building Polices are subject to citation by the UCPD. If necessary, those in repeat violation will have their card reader access rights to the building repealed. Bicycles creating an imminent hazard will have the locks cut and will be confiscated by the police.