VLSB: Seminar Rooms

Seminar Room Reservations

  • Email requests for Seminar Room reservations is only checked once per day.
  • Plan ahead and email at least 5 business days in advance so we can make sure to accommodate you.

Reservations may only be made for the current semester.

Seminar Rooms

View equipment and photos of the rooms.


Check availability on the calendars below:

All the rooms above can be reserved by non-IB affiliates, for a fee.

Email Reservation

To make a room or projector reservation, email IB_room@berkeley.edu

Your email request must include all of the following:

  • Room(s) in order of preference:
  • Date:
  • Time:
  • Event Title:
  • Event Description:
  • IB Affiliation:
  • Do you need your Cal ID card programmed with access to the room, or do you already have access on your card? If you need access, please include photos of the front and back of your Cal ID in the request email.

We try to honor all reservations, but IB takes priority. 

If there is no other alternative, reservations made by individuals/organizations not resident in VLSB may be bumped.
Top priority is given to the IB Department Chair, Department Manager, and Faculty.