Media Prep Facility




Supervisor: Alison Killilea (, office phone: 510-642-5956)
Lab Technician: Sara Sosa (, lab phone: 510-642-5088)
Location: Koshland LL41C

Ordering Information

Who can order
Anyone with a MCB Barker Storeroom account can order.  For questions relating to storeroom accounts please contact the storeroom by e-mail via or by phone at 510-642-1095 or 510-642-6739
How to order
As of 2/1/12 orders must be placed using the new order forms.  A link to this order form is listed below.  Please fill out the order form in full and either e-mail it to both the supervisor and the lab technician OR print out the order form and drop it off in LL41C Koshland.  All additives/solutions/antibiotics must be delivered to LL41C Koshland and clearly labeled with the name of your lab, solution name, date, volume, and concentration. Any solutions missing information will not be used and consequently order may become delayed.
Please also allow at least 5 business days from the time the order is placed to the time of delivery/pick-up.
Approximate cost for a 10 Liter order of plates is $214.


Order Form (Word | PDF)