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The Cell Culture Facility, located in 336 Barker Hall, supports research by providing cell cultures (mammalian and insect), media, supplies and expertise on a recharge basis for more than 40 different laboratories on and off the main campus. The Facility provides cell cultures for researchers to take to their labs for experiments, provides media and materials for checkout, and also allows use of laminar flow hoods, incubators and microscope for researchers who are using cells provided by the Facility, to use on site. Please contact us by email at ankillilea@berkeley.edu or by phone at 642-5956.



  • Expert consultation for researchers regarding cell culture needs, media, and experimental design
  • Tested media, serum, and cell lines at exceptionally low prices
  • Large scale production of cells
  • Expansion and harvesting of hybridoma lines
  • Cryopreservation of cell lines
  • Cell Authentication by STR analysis provided in conjunction with the DNA Sequencing Facility (More Info)
  • Mycoplasma screeening
  • Use of 2 laminar flow hoods for mammalian or insect cell manipulation

CRISPR Cell Line Repository

Published CRISPR interference, activation, or knockout cell lines may be provided upon request from the Cell Culture Facility at UC Berkeley. To learn more and get up-to-date information on available lines, please contact Alison Killilea at ankillilea@berkeley.edu.

A list of available cell lines is available here:


Mycoplasma Screening

Insect Cell Protocols

MTT Assay

Available Cell Lines

List of Cell Lines (PDF)
If you don't find the cell line you're interested in please email ankillilea@berkeley.edu.
If you order cells from ATCC, you can deposit them with the Cell Culture Facility. We can expand your cell line and store multiple vials in our Facility.
If you want to deposit a non-ATCC cell line in our facility please refer to the Protocols page of our website and review the Mycoplasma Screening protocol. If you can provide the Facility with a fixed, mycoplasma free sample on a coverslip we will gladly accept your line.

UCB Core Facilities for Analyzing Your Cells

Publications and Grants

Publications incorporating core services should credit the UCB Cell Culture Facility which is supported by The University of California Berkeley. A resource statement for grant applications is available below:
The Cell Culture Facility provides mycoplasma testing, growing of cultured mammalian and insect cells and cell storage services. In addition, the Facility trains users in cell culture techniques and provides sterile hood facilities for users. Major equipment includes three biosafety cabinets; two microscopes, six CO2 incubators and two incubators for insect cell lines; 2 incubators for large scale growth of cells using roller bottles; cold storage facilities consisting of cryogenic storage dewars, ultra low freezer, two -15° C freezers and 2 refrigerators and a cold room for storage. The cell culture facility stocks cell culture reagents including media, sera, additives, and other reagents. The core is located in two rooms in Barker Hall with easy access for most researchers in UCB.


Our hourly rate is $56 although most orders can be completed in 15 minutes and charged $14 (ie 6-well plate orders, T-75 orders, 10cm dish orders etc).